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You can’t do that!! It’s not possible! You’re crazy!! Standard sentences I hear every day of my life. Like waving a red flag to a bull, these drive me to push harder, go further, and do what ever it takes to prove them wrong. I have yearned to spend time at various heights ever since a kid, climbing the roof of our family home, the rainwater tank, the mountains in the backyard, trees, you name it, anything to be up high, away from it all, looking down at the madness below. Discovering the possibility of flight through various means, namely skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping, speedflying and paragliding…. lead to me travelling…. quickly becoming as great a passion as flight. This brought me all around the world, learning new countries, cultures, languages and new experiences, some of which, I’d like to share with you here. Please take your time to browse my website and share in some of the joy I have been lucky enough to experience with so many wonderful people and places along the way.


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Red says:

hey cam,
was nice meeting you at buzludja. we’ll send you the videos later today.


Cam Tracey says:

Thanks for your help Red! Was an awesome day! Hope to see you all again soon!

Edi says:

Rock on buddy!

Cam Tracey says:

Thanks Mate. Looking forward to jumping with you again soon!

Daniel McNab says:

Hey Cam, looks like you have lived an amazing life since we first met back in 98.
The dream of an Adrenaline Junkie.!

Take care and have fun my friend

Cam Tracey says:

Thanks buddy! It has been a blast!! Hope to bump into you again soon somewhere!!

Dan says:

Hey Trace, send me an email. It’s time for a good old catch up, even if it is electronically.!

Paola Belmonte says:

Congratulations!!! You have no limits, I hope you enjoyed my country.

Cam Tracey says:

Gracias Paola! I did very much!